How to make a sex tape that’s actually attractive

Be the pornography you wish to see on the planet. If genderqueer adult filmmaker Pandora Blake had an adage, that would probably be it. “I started working as a performer because I’m kinky and I actually like being spanked,” they clarify truthfully, over the phone.

With a particular kink and a mission to expand porn, Blake began starring in their own video clips in 2006, anime and also has given that established their own production firm and also site Dreams of Paddling. Possibly you’ve obtained stretch marks, perhaps you have actually got a little pot-belly, maybe you have actually had kids, possibly your body is something that gives you lots of pleasure however it does not look like the bodies you see in porn.

Blake additionally organizes do it yourself porn classes– some even more experiential and interactive than others. The workshops include some videos from their buddies, some from their personal collection, as well as cover all the salacious details like setting choices in addition to basic admin, like which tech to make use of. If you’re thinking of setting up a camera in the bed room, here are Blake’s leading tips for getting going.

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